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NBC 60th Anniversary Finale (1986)

Once upon a time, being a part of a hit network show meant that the network pretty much owned you, and at any point could call you and tell you to cash in your dignity for some cheap promotion. Honestly, I miss those days. Knowing that you could, at any point, turn on your set and see an actor from Hill Street Blues and an actor from ALF tied together running a three-legged race made TV that much more fun. Actors take themselves too seriously now. Anyway, this isn't your "Battle of the Network Stars" kind of promotion, but more the "we are so fiercely loyal to our network *kiss* *kiss*" kind of promotion. Here, NBC stars past and present ("present" being 1986) band together to lip sync an odd little song that no one bothered to learn the words to (except team players Carl Reiner and Philip Michael Thomas who gave it all they had.) Seeing all the 80's stars of the NBC universe together on one stage makes me happy, though realizing how many people in this clip are dead now makes me sad. Still, I love this clip more than I can say.


Local Clips (Hampton Roads and Richmond, VA)

WWBT News Open (1981?)

This is...The Scene Tonight. I love this. I love, love, love this.

WAVY News Open (1986)

With all due respect to the WXEX news team I named my toys after as a tot, when I think of the news I grew up with, I think of Terry Zahn, Diana Morgan, Don Slater, and Bruce Rader. We were a WAVY family (probably because we watched a lot of NBC. It was the Brandon Tartikoff era after all.) This isn't the open I remember the most, but it's pretty great nonetheless. My favorite part is a nostalgic shot of the old toll plaza (well, as nostalgic as you can be about a toll plaza.)

Ocean Lakes ad

I was surprised to find this little gem stuck on the end of a tape, mostly because the idea of a TV ad for a housing development is so unusual. Of course, if you consider where Ocean Lakes is, and the fact that there was even less reason to go into that area of the city in the mid 80's, the ad probably wasn't such a bad idea. One reason I really like this (besides the beautifully cheesy song) is the fact that the townhouses could be any townhouse my family would go into on Sunday afternoons in the mid-80's (my parents really wanted a bigger place and we were always checking out new developments.) Looking at this commercial takes me back, and I bet there are any number of townhouses in Ocean Lakes that still look exactly like the ones pictured here.

Be-Lo Food Stores Ad

Do you ever wonder what happened to Be-Lo? The employees scared everyone away. I think I'll see that psycho bagger in my nightmares tonight.


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