Happy Easter! I can't believe it's April and I'm giving my first update of 2009! I apologize. The truth is, I've been a little busy gestating. That's right, for those who don't know, Mike and I are expecting twin boys this summer and we are absolutely over the moon. Unfortunately, growing two babies hasn't left me much energy or focus for anything else, so I'm really behind with stuff like website updates.
   Our Christmas was really quiet because my pregnancy symptoms were in full effect by then. For the first time in years, we didn't go anywhere at all for the holidays. In fact, I didn't really leave the couch until February.
   Mike hit a big milestone in March when he turned 30. We celebrated quietly at home with friends. I was really hoping to do something extra special, but I just couldn't make it happen. Maybe next year. He'll still be special then. :)
   As for family updates, Dad's new job is going well. He really loves what he does, even though he has to be on the road a lot. Bryan and Jenna are both back in the states. Bryan is in Florida with his lovely bride, Alma, and Jenna is at her new command in San Diego. Luckily, we got to see them both earlier in the year.
   We just had a couple of wonderful baby showers and, believe it or not, I actually have pictures to share. Please go to the Photo Album and check them out. I can't promise I'll be updating a lot between now and...well... some time when the boys allow me to do this again, but I'm planning on having a page devoted to them and their development so everyone can stay informed on how they're doing. I'll just add that to the list of things I need to do in preparation!


    We hope everyone had a fun and restful holiday weekend. It's now officially December and time for a long overdue update.
    If we start backwards, obviously the first thing to talk about is Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving day with Mike's dad, and the Friday after with Lori's grandmother. Mom and Dad came back with us and stayed for most of the weekend until Dad had to fly to Atlanta to start his new job! He'll be able to work from home eventually, but he has to be there for a few weeks to learn the ropes. This job allows him to make a little more money while we grow our production business, which is great for all of us.
   A couple of weeks ago we got our first real snowfall of the season. It didn't stick, but it sure did come down. It was beautiful, and a nice change of pace from last year. I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn't find my camera. I decided to settle on video, but by the time I got the camcorder and got to the window, the sun was out and there wasn't a flake in sight. I hate when that happens.
   At the end of October, we went up to Maryland to celebrate Mike's cousin Jeremy's wedding to his lovely fiancee, Courtney. While we were there, we got to see a lot of the family, including Bryan who was home on leave for a little while. He's back in Germany for the time being, but we're hoping he'll be back stateside soon.
   In late September, we went to Hopewell to see Grandma get honored by the church on her birthday for all of her years of service. She was completely surprised. Again, we got the chance to see quite a bit of family that we don't always get to see.
   That brings us to the middle of September, which is when I last updated, so I guess that gets us all caught up. Hopefully as the Christmas season gets in full swing and we head into the new year we'll have lots of news and updates. Stay tuned!


   Howdy, everybody! We've got updates - including new pictures and video! Yes, it's true!
   August pretty much went as planned. We made it up north to visit Mike's mom and see The Lion King. My grade? Visuals/sets: A+++ Performers: A+ Everything else: C. Let's face it, The Lion King wasn't exactly Disney's most entertaining film. We also got in our last Kings Dominion trip of the season. We went on Labor Day, and the crowds were surprisingly good. We spent most of our time at the water park, but most of the rides we rode were practically walk-on. It was great. I sure do love that place.
   September has started off well. Mike and I just celebrated six years of being blissfully married. We marked the occasion by spending a week in the Outer Banks. This is where the page updates come in. You can read all about our trip and see pictures by clicking on the Photo Album link above. There's also a video recap in the Screening Room.
    The next few weeks should be pretty quiet, so I doubt I'll update again before October. If that changes, you'll be the first to know!


   It's now August, so I should probably check in with everyone. We spent July 4th in Elizabeth City with Mike's dad and the family there. We had a cookout and then we trekked down to the waterfront to check out the fireworks.

Somewhere in the past couple of weeks I turned 29. We won't say much more about that. I did celebrate it by going to Kings Dominion with Mom and Dad (and Mike, of course) the following Saturday. It was unbearably hot and crazy crowded (we spent 10 minutes in line just to get through the gate), so we grabbed a show, spent a couple hours at the wave pool, then called it a day. It was starting to get miserable. We followed that up with dinner at Kanpai with Grandma and Tracy. Unfortunately, I got so overheated at the park that I lost my appetite for the rest of the day and had to take my hibachi filet mignon home in a box. It was a tragedy. But, I took great pains to reheat it the next day, and it was as close to eating it fresh as you can get without actually eating it there. Grandma made me a German Chocolate Cake, and for all concerned family members, yes, I did actually eat all the cake she sent home with me. None of it ended up moldy and in the trash.
   The pool has been bad. Very very bad. The leak was getting a lot worse, so we had to change the liner mid-season. Then it kept leaking because the fittings weren't as tight as they needed to be anymore, and we had to drain a lot of water again so we could fill the gaps with aquarium silicone. Then, after a week or so, one of the hoses popped off randomly during the night and drained a bunch of our water out again. We fixed everything, but then a couple of days later it showed us we weren't as smart as we thought and drained all that water out again. That was this morning. Keep your fingers crossed.
   What's in store for August? Your guess is probably as good as mine. Mom and Dad are headed to Atlanta for a week to do some socializing and also some business. I probably have a trip to Atlanta in my future as well once all the logistics work out. Yay, work! There'll probably be a day trip in there to KD again for Tracy's birthday. We'll finally be headed to Northern Virginia again at the end of the month to catch The Lion King at the Kennedy Center and visit with Mike's family up there. Hmmm...I guess I have more planned for August than I thought.


   Some fun news! Our company just won a Telly Award for the Hopewell Church anniversary video that we did. I'm especially excited because that project was pretty much my baby and I spent a lot of time with it. So, I am now an award-winning producer/editor! You can find out more about the awards at the official site. We are a bronze winner in the Film/Production category, and as of this writing those winners aren't listed yet, but you can search the company name (ElkayMedia) and see what we won, though I just told you, so it's really not all that necessary. Also, if you haven't already, you can see an excerpt from our winning project on our website. Just go to the "Demos" section and look under "History Videos". To get an award for our first major project is a huge honor. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come!


   Summer is here! We have the pool up and running. It looks like we'll have to replace the liner at the end of the season, though. That should bring back fond memories for everyone that helped us put in the current one.
   Yesterday was Father's Day. We spent the day with Mike's Dad in North Carolina. Jenna's in town for a couple of more days, so she was there as well. Of course, lots of Wii was had by all.
   Things have been pretty smoky here due to the Dismal Swamp fires. It hasn't been too bad, though. The biggest thing is that it smells like the whole neighborhood is cooking out and it makes you want to fire up the grill.
   There's not much else to report. That's fine with me. No news = no drama.


   The Wii is in the house! We picked it up yesterday, though we're a little limited with what we can do with it since we're still waiting for all of our accessories to come from Amazon (Mike insisted since he gets triple credit card points from there.)
   I would also like to encourage everyone here to contribute to a good cause. One of my best friends, Tosha, has been suffering with Crohn's for a while now. This year she had to have her colon removed, which is never a fun thing, but it's especially difficult to deal with before you're even 30 and you're supposed to have your whole life ahead of you. She's been a real trooper about everything and she's participating in a walk for Crohn's in the next few weeks. Please consider contributing. It's completely tax deductible and definitely a good cause. It's such a debilitating disease and it's scary that so little is known about it. Even if you can throw $5 her way, it's better than nothing. Please consider giving. I don't like hitting people up for money, but after seeing so much of what she's been through, I feel like it's the least I can do. Thanks!


   Things have been mostly quiet on the homefront. We're extra excited because we're finally getting our Wii! Jenna gave us money for one for Christmas and it's taken us this long to track one down. We have it on preorder and we should be able to pick it up on Sunday. It's definitely a bright spot in our week!
   The business is really booming. If you're interested in what we're doing, we have a couple of new demos on the company site (elkaymedia.com) that you can check out.
    Oh, and since it just happens to be the 25th...Happy birthday, Mike G!


   Sorry I haven't been great with the updates the past few months. I'm recovered from the surgery, though I still have some lingering pain issues. What we'll do about that remains to be seen. Personally, I'm hoping to get a Vicodin addiction and become a cranky doctor who walks with a cane. I may be uncomfortable, but who doesn't love a curmudgeonly old character? Well, on with the recap of the past couple of months...

There's not much to tell about February. We kind of forgot about Valentine's Day with everything going on. Oops. Bad weather kept us from Zach and Kelly's wedding (I had a new dress and camcorder battery and everything), but we send our best wishes anyway. You should have gotten the gift by now. If not, start cracking skulls, because we sent it.

In March, we went to visit Mike's Dad to celebrate their respective birthdays. Once again, I took the camera and forgot to use it. Sorry for slacking with the pictures. Anyway, it was extra special because we got to visit with Bryan while we were there. Congratulations to Bryan and Alma on their recent engagement! As always, it was a quick turnaround for him, so we didn't get to spend as much time with him as we would have liked. Thank goodness he gets out this year! A couple of weeks later we went back to celebrate Easter. It was a nice, relaxing day.

I'm still working hard to get the business going. Any of you in the Shenandoah Valley area (um...none of you?) can hear my delightful voice on WSVG in our latest radio commercial. Dad's also been on their morning show a couple of times. We're doing the anniversary video for Hopewell Church of the Nazarene, so if you're going to the celebration in about a month, we'll see you there! It was quite an undertaking for our first major project, but it's nearly complete and we're very proud of it. Place your video orders today! :) We should have a small demo on the company site in the near future.

That should pretty much bring you up to speed with what's going on with us. I'll try to be better with these updates, and maybe even take some pictures again!


   Hi, everyone. It's been a slow recovery from the surgery and I'm still in the process. I'm still pretty sore and am spending nearly all day on the couch. At least I've progressed from spending all day in bed. But, the good news is that I came through with flying colors and am making progress. I have a follow up with the doctor next week, which will be the first time I get to talk to him since the surgery. I'm anxious to hear all the details of what he found and see the pictures. Yes, there are pictures and no, you don't have to worry about me posting them here. :)


    Wow. I guess it has been over a month since I updated. Happy 2008! The big news is that tomorrow is surgery day. It's just outpatient surgery, but surgery is always a little anxiety-inducing. At least this should reduce a lot of the pain and discomfort I've been having. And, on a positive note, I've had a big reduction in pain the past few weeks. I'm still happy I'm having the surgery though...well, you know what I mean. Hopefully I'll be able to post an update before too long so everyone knows what's up.

We made it through the holidays, and thankfully my pain didn't keep us from seeing everyone. I even managed to get all the gifts wrapped! I hate to disappoint, but it was enough of an effort for me to get through the holidays that I took the season off from photography. I know, I know...sorry. You can always look at the mediafest of 2006. This Christmas was pretty similar to that one.

On a sad note, my great-grandfather passed away last week. Thankfully, the funeral didn't conflict with any of my surgery prep and I was able to go. It was really great to see the family, even if the circumstances weren't ideal.

ElkayMedia is off to a promising start. We have a couple of jobs lined up, and they'll be plenty of work waiting for me when I'm up to it. We've gotten some of our equipment in already. It's so beautiful. Once an A/V nerd, always an A/V nerd, I guess.

That's it for now. I'm sure you'll hear from me soon...or at least within the next month.


    Hi, everyone. We're doing our best to get ready for Christmas in two weeks, which is hard with me being in bed most of the time. I was in the emergency room last week with pain. They think they know what it is, but I have to see a specialist next week. In the meantime, I'm having a lot of discomfort and I'm not very useful around here. My mom actually had to finish decorating my tree for me, which was a nice gesture, but considering I look forward to it all year, I'm pretty sad that I couldn't do it myself. I'm hoping I can lug a few rolls of wrapping paper to the bedroom and put a dent in my gift wrapping since my living room is starting to look like a UPS distribution center. Mike's been a lot of help lately. I hope he's not getting too burned out. I'm hoping everyone else's Christmas season is treating them better and they can enjoy the anticipation. Just two more weeks!


    Howdy! My computer took a nose dive last month and updating this page has been a pain because of it. My web files are all buried on my old hard drive and I don't have a good html editor at the current time. But, since this part is just simple text, I thought I'd bite the bullet and let everyone know what's going on. There's a lot to get to, so, deep breath... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and saw a lot of family. I didn't take any pictures this year because Thanksgiving pictures mostly consist of people stuffing their faces. I'll get everyone at Christmas when there are happy gift-opening moments and all. We said good-bye to Jenna a couple of weeks ago. She is now deployed. She'll be gone until early 2009 and the earliest we'll probably get to see her will be August of next year. We wish her Godspeed. Mike and I went to our 10-year reunion a couple of weeks ago. It was great seeing some of the old faces again. I'm also excited to report that I am now a vice president! My dad and I have finally started our own production company. We have a few projects already in the wings and we should be going full swing after the first of the year. This was a long time coming and we're very excited. You can visit our website if you'd like, but I'll warn you that there isn't much there yet. We just got our paperwork back from the SCC last week, so everything's still pretty new. I THINK that's all the important stuff for right now. Here's hoping we're fully operational again in the near future!


    We have some sad news to report. Mike's grandfather passed away yesterday. Thankfully, Mike was able to spend a few days with him in Florida last week. From the sound of things, he was ready to pass on and leave the pain and discomfort behind him. He slipped into a coma sometime yesterday and then passed away. Fortunately, the time he spent in declining health was far less than the time he spent with his sleeves rolled up. He will always be remembered as having a fiery spirit and embracing each day ready to get to work doing whatever the day called for. Please remember the family, especially Grandma, in your prayers during this difficult time.


    A new update already! Amazing! Thanks to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary. Considering it was a milestone anniversary, we celebrated pretty quietly. Mike made me dinner, we ate it by candlelight, then vegged out on the couch for the rest of the evening. I felt guilty for not doing more, but we spent it together and we're all about quiet evenings. Plus, staying home is free!
     We got home last night from Northern Virginia/Maryland. We went out of town for Pop's 80th birthday. You know what's coming next...I've uploaded pictures to the Photo Album. Click on the link. As we were nearing home, we saw the most phenomenal rainbow. 


(Click for larger version)

The picture does not do it justice. It created a perfect arch over I-64. We could actually see both ends. I've never seen anything like it.


    It's almost been a month since my last update?! And here I thought I wasn't doing too badly. Oh well. Mike and I have a wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and we decided to splurge and get a laptop as our gift to each other. With what we do, it's becoming more of a necessity than a luxury with each passing day and we found a phenomenal deal. OK, so it arrived broken and we have to send it back to the company, but I still maintain that it's a phenomenal deal.
    I finally have pictures up from Tracy's birthday party and the Kings Dominion trip from this past weekend. Go to the Photo Album link. I also put up the video I made for Tracy's birthday. As usual, it's in the screening room. I think all the landmark birthdays/anniversaries are over for a while, so my editing program can breathe a little.


    Time for an overdue update. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a couple of small parties (one with family, one with friends). There aren't a whole lot of pictures since I'm usually the photographer. Still, there are some and I've posted them in the Photo Album as usual. There are also a couple pictures in there from our trip to Kings Dominion with Robby and Deidra and our visit with Mike G. Feel free to browse.


    It's been a month since we've updated. Yeah, sorry about that. It's been a pretty uneventful month, but we did just get back from North Carolina for Corrie and Ryan's Wedding. Of course, there are pictures. Click on the Photo Album link. We've also visited with Lori's parents, Mike's dad, and grandparents over the past few weeks, which has been nice. We've also enjoyed our pool since summer officially started. We hope everyone had a great July 4th. We exercised our freedom to relax and do much of nothing, but we've had so much to do over the weekends that we needed it. OK, I think we're caught up now.


    Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! Since this year marks their milestone 30th anniversary, we're hosting an online anniversary party for them. Feel free to drop by, check out the festivities, and leave a note. Click on the link above.


    I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We had excellent weather around here. Mike opened the pool (though it was too cold for him to get into it. I eventually got in after immersing myself a couple inches at a time over the course of a couple hours.) I also ended up with a sunburn (thanks to a combination of expired sunscreen and missing little spots like I always seem to do.) They always call it the official kickoff of summer, but that's hard for me since I know it's not actually summer. So, it's now officially almost summer! Hooray!


    First of all, happy anniversary to p-fam.com! We turned 1 on May 1st. Now to the news of interest: we have a handful of pictures from our weekend celebrating Dad's birthday. As always, go to the Photo Album to check them out. Also, I put his birthday video in the Screening Room (I think it's something like 30 megs, so only attempt that if you have a pretty decent connection.)

04/20/07 (update)

    The pictures are up! Go to the Photo Album link!


    And we're back! Mike and I got back safely from Vegas last night. What happened there did not stay there, as I brought back a ton of pictures and plenty of stuff from the convention. Between the laundry and other stuff, I'm trying to work on getting those pictures up. I'm also trying to get up the pictures from last weekend as well. I'll update when those are available. The picture page will have a full account of our events. Until then, I just wanted everyone to know that we were back and we didn't win enough money to leave this life behind.


    Sorry! Sorry! I know I've slacked off with this site considerably. Honestly, for a while, nothing was going on worth posting about, and then I got too busy to post. We got a new heating/AC unit. I know you're thrilled to hear that. Mike turned 28 on the 28th of March and to emphasize how old he's getting, had to get his first pair of glasses.

At least he looks cute in them! We're trying to do a ton of stuff around here because our goal is to put our house on the market in early May. We're not planning any big move or anything, we just decided that with low interest rates and a growing list of things that will have to be done to this place in the not-so-distant future, now's a good a time as any to upgrade. Hopefully we can get a bigger place and a bigger family to help fill it. That's in God's hands though. Robby and Deidra head off to Tennessee this week. We said our good-byes last weekend. I should probably post those pictures, huh? I'll get to it. I'm off to the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Vegas next week (with Mike in tow) and I'll hopefully have some cool pictures of that too. I think that's the bulk of what's been going on around here. I'll try to be better about keeping everyone apprised. By the way, for all you blog readers out there, I did add a new entry finally, but for some reason it hasn't posted yet. I'm not sure what's up with that.


    We're all about summer around here, but when it gets to be February and all you have to show for your winter is chapped lips, you start to get a little antsy. We finally got some flurries at our house today. It's pretty laughable if you live any further north from us, but we've been waiting all winter for this! Besides, it's the best snow: you get to see the pretty snowfall, then it melts and the drivers don't have to have panic attacks. (Click on picture for large version.)

Look closely and you'll see the accumulated rain water on the pool cover is completely frozen. OK, well, I thought it was cool.


    Mike and I pooled our Christmas gift cards today and upgraded our digital camera, which we are pretty ecstatic about. (Obviously this kind of purchase is a big deal for us since I have deemed it website worthy.) We are now the proud owners of a Canon Powershot A540, which may not help us win a Pulitzer any time soon, but at least will keep me from being so disappointed about the shots that looked good on my 1.5" LCD screen, but turned out unusable. It's a fantastic little camera for our needs and I hope to have an excuse to take some cool pictures in the near future and post them for you to see.


     Happy New Year! All of our traveling is over and now we're just trying to recover from the whirlwind of the past 10 days. The decorations are still up, which makes this late for me, but I plan on getting them all down within the next couple of days.  I love our tree so much, I don't want to take it down! For those of you who are just moderately interested in what we've been up to, here's our holiday in a nutshell: Mike's dad's house, Christmas at home, Lori's grandmother's house, back home (a day with Lori's parents), Mike's mom's house. If you want all the details, you can find them on the Photo Album page with our holiday pictures. As you probably know, click on the Photo Album link above to see it all. I also edited together all the video footage we took, and it's in a short 3:20 video that you can access in the Screening Room. All in all we had a great holiday season. In fact, it was so great, I already can't wait until Christmas '07! I'm not kidding! I don't want the holidays to be over just yet! But, the stores are already filled with Valentine's candy, so like it or not, the year moves on. We hope you all have an excellent 2007.


    We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Things are back to normal here now, at least for the next couple of days, then it's off to finish making our holiday rounds. We'll have a full recap next week after things are REALLY back to normal (and, of course, pictures will accompany that), but we just wanted to post a quick note in the meantime. We've had a great holiday season so far and it isn't over yet. We hope you can say the same.


     I (Lori) am still recuperating after having four wisdom teeth pulled last week. I am now eligible to tell a four-wisdom-tooth tale! (I'm so glad 85% of my site visitors know Brian Regan.) I'm still a little swollen and sore. Other than that, not much else is going on. The last of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree (minus the stuff Mike has at work for me.) Christmas is two weeks from today! We are so ready and so excited. The past few months have been rough, so this is exactly what we need.


     We have our tree! And she's a beaut'! I have to brag that we went to the best tree lot ever and only spent $33 on her. If you're in Virginia Beach, go to the lot on the corner of Rosemont and Silina. It's quite a trek for us, but it's always worth it. We thought we'd save the trip last year and ended up spending about $10 more on a far inferior tree. We learned our lesson. Anyway, with the tree up and trimmed, our decorating is officially complete. We posted pictures if you're interested. Just click on the Photo Album link above to see them.


     Happy Holidays! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving day with Dad and Anita. The food was fabulous and Mike and Jenna got to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving game of Risk. Thanksgiving Friday was spent with Lori's family where we got full on delicious food again at Uncle Buddy and Aunt Trudy's house. Saturday was spent getting most of the Christmas decorations up (we're waiting a little longer before we get the tree.) It was a great long weekend. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, so we don't have any great pictures to share. We'll try to make it up at Christmas.


    We spent last weekend visiting my (Lori's) parents in their new mountain home. Dad showed us around town, which took up the first 10 minutes of the day, and we spent most of the rest of the time visiting with each other, antiquing, and traveling to Harrisonburg to visit the places of Mom and Dad's past. As you can imagine, Mike had a blast. Actually, he was a really good sport about everything. It was really good to get a change of scenery for a couple of days, especially after the rough week we had. We're feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to fit in all the family visits right now, but rest assured that if we haven't seen you recently, you're on the list.


    For those of you in the full swing of Christmas shopping, we've created a gift registry. We got complaints last year that there was no way to know if something had been bought (which scared pretty much everyone away), so that's been remedied. We're still working on it, so stuff should be added pretty regularly. Mike spent all night getting it to work, so buy him something good.


    Good news! The tests this morning showed that we are free and clear to try for another baby. There's no guarantee that we won't have another ectopic, but at least the tests showed that there's no guarantee that we will. This is an absolute answer to prayer. Thank God for his mercy and compassion.


    First off, happy birthday to Bryan! Secondly, we had our consultation with the doctor yesterday. Tests are scheduled for bright and early Thursday morning (6:30 AM to be exact.) Keep those thoughts and prayers coming! Lastly, in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day this Sunday, we have posted a memorial in the form of the site we created for our baby when we found out we were pregnant. I (Lori) have found it therapeutic to have that life record over the past few months, and now I'm sharing it for anyone else who may be interested. Click on the Memorial link above.


    Congratulations to Jenna on a secret well kept. Vicky was totally surprised at yesterday's birthday party. We had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone who was there (and celebrating the birthday girl, of course.) You can click on the Screening Room link above to see the photo montage I made and click on the Photo Album link to see pictures from the party.


    Mike took the day off and we went to Homearama today. This year's Homearama is excellent! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed dreaming as we do every year. If you get the chance to head there this year, I highly recommend it. Go to tbaonline.org for more information.


    Yesterday's picnic in the park for Grandma Agnes' birthday was a rousing success. Pictures have been uploaded, so click on the Photo Album link above to take a look.

09/27/06 (part 2)

    I just found out that October 15th is international Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. Sadly, there are no events planned in my area, but the official site says that everyone who wishes to participate should light a candle at 7 PM. If you feel so led, please consider lighting a candle in remembrance of our little angel. I've put a banner for the official site at the bottom of this page if you would like more information about what the day is about. It would also be a great opportunity some in our family to say a prayer for a certain little girl whose first birthday is that day. I know that we will be thinking about her as we remember our own.


    Doing this page update is a challenge. My (Lori's) computer is totally dead, and that's where I just happen to keep all of my webpage files. Right now I copied the page source into Notepad and I'm editing it that way. We're doing some old-school coding today. Anyway, aside from my computer being broken, the only other big news is that Mike and I have an appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist in a couple of weeks. We're well on our way to finding out what the future holds for us parent-wise. We're simultaneously excited and scared, so please remember us in your prayers.


    What was left of Ernesto blew threw here today. It's pretty much gone now, but it flooded our street pretty well before leaving. Here are some pictures through our bedroom window. Click for a larger version.



    We were in Colorado last week for Robby and Deidra's Wedding. Of course, I took lots of pictures and video. The pictures are up, so click on the photo album link to access them.


        The photo album is finally up and running. Hooray! I've started it off with pictures from my (Lori's) birthday party last month. Enjoy!


        There are finally some links on the front page. We're planning on adding pages for photos later, but right now we don't really have any new pictures to post. When we do, we'll create a page for them.


        I've (Lori) started a blog! A very uninteresting blog! Hopefully it won't stay that way for long, but if you want to access it, click on the link above.


        The new webpage is up! There's not much here yet, but we hope to get a more interesting life soon.

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